Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The battle I have with my skin

Half-way through 2015 I noticed I was starting to go grey. By this I mean I saw that I had grey hairs. they may have been there longer, who knows. I started trying to hide them, cut them out, pull them out. Resistance is futile when it comes to greying follicles. 

Now I am 25 and I have quite the collection of grey hairs and up until very recently I had acne too. It was a laughable situation really, teenage acne and grey hairs, had it not been for that fact that it was making me quite miserable. I am prone to the odd blemish now and again. My oily skin becomes congested and I get black heads that make me want to steam my face for days. But I was getting big, red angry spots. The sort that resist all known anti-spot remedies. These were hormonal, almost cyst-like in structure. 

I had up until a week ago been using the Garnier Micellar water as a method of removing my make up in the evenings. I have been using the range for a couple of months now, since the back end of July and had been very happy with it. What is worth noting at this point is that my skin can be a pain in the ass sometimes. 

Case in point: I purchased the L'Oreal Fibrology shampoo and conditioner to boost my lifeless locks. I've used L'Oreal hair products before and had no issues. I was very happy with the shampoo and the results, so when the first bottle ran out I bought another. My skin, it turns out, had changed its mind. after starting the second bottle of shampoo and using it a handful of times my skin became itchy and irritated. My scalp was red and angry and I was upset. I genuinely thought I had head lice at one point. I promptly went out and purchased some Aussie products and basked in the sweet relief that the change in shampoo provided. I gave away the almost full bottle of L'Oreal. 

So, back to the original story. following several weeks of teenage spotty skin, on a Friday night last week I reached for the face wipes. The horror. In my head nothing I could do would make my skin any worse, so for that lazy Friday night plonked in front of the TV I chose to forgo my usual skincare routine. Two face wipes later and a smear of my current favourite Good Things moisturiser I went to bed. That night I didn't sleep very well and when I woke up I had some delightful dark circles and bags under my eyes. But my skin. Okay, it was not perfect, but it was clearer than it had been in weeks. I had no new spots. Red angry spots had turned to dark blotches on my cheeks. my nose, was not dry and oily at the same time. 

What I'm trying to say is that although we often swear by a good skincare routine, sometimes we need to listen to what our skin is telling us. It's been a week and my skin is so much better. I think it's too easy to apply product after to product to combat skin issues, when sometimes all you need is to cut back to basics and let your skin have a few days off. 

I'll be going to boots soon to check out something new for my skin. I'll probably try something new. In a familiar cycle where I purchase something to see how much my skin will tolerate it. It laborious, but unfortunately necessary. For now though, I'll be keeping those face wipes handy! 

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